Rear driver-side clicking with key out of ignition!

1991 5-speed, only 76k miles!

Initially, I got a typical low-battery response when I turned the key: short weak crank, then no crank, just clicking upon key turn. Then I heard a long (more than one minute) rear driver-side rear clicking with key out of ignition.

I assume that the clicking is the fuel pump.

Where should I look for a short?

Please help with testing ignition switch or other cause.

Do you have a power antenna? If so, it could be a sign that the cogs on the plastic antenna tail have stripped and the gear wheel is cycling around till it finds the correct stop tension.

thanks; the car does have power antenna.

I also hear clicking near passenger right-foot panel with the key out of ignition.

What relay/component might that be?

It is a fast clicking noise or slow? Loud or quiet? Constant or does it change? If you think it’s your power antenna simply turn the key to the on position and watch the antenna to see if it goes up smooth. Then turn it off and watch it again does it go smooth this time? If so then more than likely it’s not the power antenna

thanks tegguy. it is a steady loud clicking.

So I have been getting in & out of this car for years but I am not quite sure:

  1. Do the seat belt motors ever energize before the key is in the ignition???

  2. What fuse is in the seat belt motor circuit?

thanks for reading…

Sounds like a low batt. or a poor connection.

Start by checking the batt., disconnect the batt. and remove, remove batt. tray, redo the chassis ground, [remove clean both the terminal and the grounding point] do the same at the engine ground.

Before reconnecting batt. clean both posts and the batt. cable clamps.

Remove and clean contact surfaces of your main fuses and make sure the screws are tight when you remount the fuses.

The clicking at the pass. side is probably the retracting seat belt control unit, [if you have retracting seat belts, your ECU/ECM is on that side also, along with DRL relay, [if you have Daytime Running Lights].:hmm:94

thanks fcm,I am on it!!!

I get the clicking with key out of ignition so:
Do the seat belt motors ever energize before the key is in the ignition???

The only time they energize with the key out is on the passenger side if you open the door and only that side goes forward

ok Tegguy thanks!!!

Your answer ruins my theory because I hear the pre-ignition clicking on driver’s side.

Pre ignition as in key not in the ignition or befor key is turned to start? Can you post of a pic with an area marked out you think the noise is coming from?

yes Tegguy, there is clicking from the passenger right-foot kick panel & rear quarter panel (near gas tank filler) when the key is out of ignition.

I had a theory, wishful thinking :), that the low battery was causing the seat belt relay & motor to click, presuming that the seat belt motor energizes with the key out.

On the other hand, I have had many other low battery episodes that did not cause this.

The competing theories involve a faulty ignition switch or an electrical short (or a session with two blondes, an armadillo & a bottle of tequila). :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments; problem solved.

The clicking (near door post not gas filler cap) before the key was in the ignition was apparently caused by the seat belt motor; it must have been stuck in a movement cycle that it could not complete because the battery voltage was so low.