rear hatch honda name plate

if i took out my acura name plate off the rear hatch is there a honda one that would snap in the oem holes

No, cut the tabs off and place it over the holes. I put a thin line of silicone adhesive around the emblem.

Isn’t there the 90-93 integra JDM versions. They sell em on eBay. But then again most people just use accords 90-93 since they are produced in the same years I would go with them…But you have to cut the tabs…3m tape em…

where did u see them on ebay dont want a sticker

save your self a bunch of money, and just go to the junk yard. Get an old accord or civic one, can’t remember which one it was i used. I just roamed around the yard till i found one i liked…

and if your really set on buying a new one, here you go

thank u ur the man