rear hatch left trunk hinge...

on my 91 teg, the rear hatch trunk hinges are shot, i had to disconnect my struts in order to lift the trunk with out breaking them,this shit sucks big time cuz im sure everybody who has done body work to there g2 knows that those hatches arent light at all. i searched all over the web,NOTHING!.,and the dealer wants to sell me the entire hatch over for 600 dollars NO PAINT OR EMBLEMS.=painted extra 250,emblems 15 ea. acura can pretty much suck a D*ck with that.please help i got major leaking issues.

oh and also i tried regular door hinges and there is NO size in this world that fits a car,g2 atleast.

damn, if you were local you could have bought my GSR hatch for $90.

where are u located?,if you dont mind me asking. i’ll pay shipping if you are up for it.

Why don’t you just replace the hinges? It is only 4 bolts to replace them.

well its actually the infamous car cancer as we know it RUST,it split the hinge right in half. and it would be senseless to weld a rusted out hinge. so im kinda in shit hole.

I don’t think you understand. The hinges are not welded to the car! They are bolted to the car body and the hatch. Actually the hatch is bolted and the hinge is held to the car body by nuts from the inside (under the headliner).

You can swap out the hinges from another car.

i see

okay, well i will buy a couple of hinges at a local yard and see if they will fit,any i ideas on what car to swap from or pretty much any hatchback…thanx again fellas

back from the dead

hey Guys,

how do I swap out the hinge? any tips? I gotta take out the headliner, remove the 2 nuts and then remove the bolts attached to the hatch? step by step procedure would be awsome.

C’mon guys, i have two hinges are found at the junk yard lying here, but I dont know how to put it in. :slight_smile:

here ya go. you only have to pull down the rear edge of the headliner a little bit to access the nuts. i think they are 12mm. there are two per side. just pull off the weather stripping stuff. (rubbery feel to it.) then pull your headliner down a little, and you should be able to see them in there. for the hatch side, they are pretty obvious, also 12mm bolts… i can shoot some pics if ya need. i have a stock hatch sitting in my garage

Thanks for the reply man,

Does the hatch have to be in the open position? Do i need to remove the struts? Ideally i would like to have it closed, since when I open it is difficult to put in straight since one of the hinges are broke.
Whatdya think?

thanks pal

Man c’mon, ive replaced a hatch with glass installed in it on a nissan 240sx by myself, and those things arent light. the hatch can be closed to do the inside, unbolt them, pop the hatch and pull it back off the car, take the 4 bolts on the other end of the hinges out, 2 on each side, place the new ones on, bolt them up, put the hatch back up, bolt the inside hinge on, and then put the headliner back up. done.

Pull it back off the car? how can I when the hinge will still be bolted to the car? You mean lift it up off the holes inside the car right?

It should become apparent when I start it I’m sure. Thanks for all your help dudes.