Rear Hood Gap

hey guys and gals just wondering if anyone knew the exact bolts and nuts needed to do the proper hood gap for venting heat out the rear here is a picture what i’m talking about

snowguy i’m using your pic

um take out the stock ones and take them to home depot. get a longer one of the same size and some washers.

^ what he said…

but here’s how i did mines…

2x long 10mm stud
2x short 10mm stud (you can use the one that is already on the hood)
20-18x washers that fits the studs (more if u want higher)

now i put about 6 or 7 washers and the long stud on the bottom of the hood hinges on both sides then 3 or 4 washers w/ the short stud on top/front of it… looks nice with that much but i think its too much might be lowering it soon when it get some oem da wipers, using dc’s wiper which doesn’t have enough clearance for the hood…

but add as much as u like

for me i found the perfect fit. you know when you take out your intake resonator? the rubber thingy with the mental insert is the perfect size and length. and you can just use those bolts too.


Does this mod make a big difference?

ima join you

i did this to my old teg… i felt the heat coming out… so i guess more comes out when the cars moving… but it sorta looks dumb and i had a cf hood… jus made my latch work harder lol more risk of hood flying up on you

dumb question on this. do you put the washers between hood and hinge or between hinge and fender?

y use washers get hood shims.

its real purpose is to melt snow in the winter. the heat from the engine melts the snow on your windshield on those cold cold days.

This mod is useless if you aren’t pumping some serious heat from your engine, Ive got a turbo GS and I had the hood lifted…Its more of a civic thing…our tegs dont have much cooling problems, Even with turbo I removed the lift and have no problems.

Its ugly…but will melt the snow in the winter.

the only difference i noticed when i had it was that it made my intake manifold dirty.

No difference?!?!
it gives you a place to hide MORE GAUGES.
thats like 80’s mustang style yo’

that looks dumb as hell. I have no hinges up there on mine, so it’s wedged in there and when I hit a bad bump it pops up like that HAHA