Rear Hub Bearing - Different Problem

I searched the threads for this problem but couldn’t find an answer. I am changing out both of my rear hubs. When I took the old ones off, the bearing was an open type, in other words it had several ball bearings in grease that turned on a steel race on the spindle. It didn’t occur to me at the time that I had to get that race off because the new hubs have sealed bearings. Does anyone have ideas on how to get that bearing race off of the spindle?

I was able to easily get mine off using a bearing puller, but if you dont have one you may try gently tapping behind the bearing using a chisel. Tap gently alternating on 4 different positions until the bearing starts to creep off the shaft.It shouldnt be on too hard, but is probably slightly seized with time. after it starts to move it should come off pretty easily.