Rear main seal in, Certain trq for bolts? JDM B16A

Ok well,

doesnt look in, but its nice and in and sealed.

Just put the new rear main seal in and the… Assembly…
Is there a certain trq for the bolts? Or just tight… Because I just made sure they were tight. Dont want them rattling loose.


Also, I have been taking pictures and videos so i’ll have a few How to videos,
Clutch swap, Rear main seal, tranny drop etc…

Only 8 lb/ft for the right side cover–that’s what the Helms calls it.
42 lb/ft for the tranny mounting bolts.
$15 for a Haynes manual so you can look up torque specs and how to’s.
These specs are from the Helms btw.

thanks. Yeah I know I need to buy one. I have a haynes… But hear helms is better
Edit: my haynes is brocken in half… lost the first half