Rear Toe Out... really bad!!!

I hope i dont get flamed for this as i have searched the archives and came up empty handed. If my DA has never been wrecked, is the rear trailing arm bushing the only culprit or is there another possibility? Nothing is bent on the rear that i can see to the naked eye but the bushing appears to be worn. The car is unmanagable in the rain and is extremely dangerous. I need a solution fast.

if the bushing is bad enough, it could easily be causing that. as long as you’re 100% sure there’s absolutely nothing else, get that bushing changed. you’ll either have to get a whole new arm from the dealership (they don’t sell the bushing separately) or get urethane bushings.

it doesn’t take much to knock the trailing arms out of whack, just a light curbing is all it takes to bend them to where that side won’t align within spec.

Have you have the car aligned and they told you its out of spec? Or are you measuring it yourself? or just guessing? Have you already attempted to adjust the rear toe?

For some reason I don’t think the trailing arm bushing itself would throw off toe while driving in a straight line. Perhaps your trailing arm is bent. Check to see if your compensator arm is bent or damaged. This is the part used to adjust toe.

also the arm is easily moveable if the nut isnt torqued down properly - note: not over-torqued like most shops do, but according to spec! go to a Just Tires and have them do a free alignment check for you.

The toe adjustment is all the way in. The guy at my alignment shop says i need a camber kit to get rid of some of it. The car is at stock height. Ill post some pics in a bit because it is extremely noticable from the rear of the car

A camber kit will not fix a toe problem if its so bad the compensator arm adjustments won’t.

There’s something bent. Take it it a frame shop before dumping money into something that won’t fix it.

Here are the pics.

Even my dog agrees the toe sux.

Do a visual check of the suspension pieces, you should be able to tell if the lower/upper or compensator arm is bent. The trailing arm is tough, mine was bent and it looked fine even next to a known good one.

Who did you take it to to get aligned?
Is it just on one side or both, if it’s on just one side then it would most likely be a bent trailing arm, but I could only see that happening if you slid it sideways into a curb.
I’d pull the wheel off and check all the control arms on both sides, and compare them.

If you want help I have access to a lift, and I can help you today, either e-mail me( or IM me(fidgitk) and we can go look at it.

It is the passenger side only. I just sold another one of my Integras and it was the same thing on the same side, but that one was recked on that side and this one is not. Thats not to say something isnt bent though. I took it to Rene’s alignment shop on Ayers. He is the only one i know of here in town that will take the time to put boards and stuff down to get my cars on the ramps. I take all my customer cars to him. The car does have a camber issue but i agree that a camber kit isnt going to fix the toe.