rear windsheild swap

hey i was wondering if its hard to swap rear windsheilds. i wanna change my trunk lid. but i wanna keep my windheild. how hard is it.?

hmmm… prolly the same difficulty as replacing the front windshield. but i believe its just a bolt on affair. why don’t u take off the plastic panel and get a closer look?

ya tomorrow tho i was just wondering and i tried a quick search but cant rly find anything good. thx for the input.

If you take the interior plastic panel off, good luck getting it back on. I have removed mine 3 times and still have not been able to get it on right. The first one I broke a couple clips on. So I got a second one and I think I may have cracked it as well. If anyone has any tips for putting it back on let me know. Sorry if I’m jacking the thread. :angel:

nono forsure its important info let us kno some1 plzzz

The interior panels are held on by the plastic screws and metal clips. If you have an extra panel you should be able to see which direction it needs to be forced to pop it in. More than likely if you’re having trouble getting it back on the metal clips are not aligned properly so it can’t snap together. If you force it when its jammed the plastic will break. Get the clips situated and gently push it into place, then pop the clips in.

but as for the windsheild. hows that go is it hard?

I don’t know, sorry.

i guess ill have to go check it out tomorrow and ill post up how hard it rly is lol im determined on keeping my windsheild its cause i bought a trunk lid comeplet with window and everything for 30 bucks. but i wanna keep my tints. cause its my beater and i keep alot of tools inside so tints help to keep people from seeing inside.