Rear Wiper Arm Removal

im goign to remove my rear wiper arm and motor and i need to know how to fill in the hole its gonna leave. i remember hearing about buying a special plastic peice and it fits perfect. i dont know if you buy it from acura or something. anybody know where to get it?

See that button in the upper right corner with the name “SEARCH” on it give it a try!

Yeah, use the search and if that doesn’t work I’ll be happy to walk you through it.

sorry if i wasnt clear but all i need to know is where i can get the plug that will fill in the hole that will be left in the rear hatch glass.

why doesnt someone archive this or put it in teg tips!!??

Hey 2simplex,

Sorry, I am not trying to give you a hard time and you were very clear on what you asked. People just get tired of answering the same question over and over when the information can easily be found in the recourses others have taken their time to set up. Just use a little initiative, and it should be in the tips. Honda part number, Civic Hatch Window Plug 90301-SR3-000

its not my fault i couldnt search it. when i typed “rear wiper arm removal” in the search it displayed ‘The search term you specified (arm) is under the minimum word length (4) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer.’ so it woudlnt search and i dint know wha else to do das why i made the post. but anyways thanks for the part no.

Yeah thanks for the info . I had problems with the search too . I wanted to ask but didn’t want everyone getting all huft up !

Ah! Don’t worry about me I’m just a cranky old scrooge with nothing better to do. Try a recycler first for the part they were originally used on Civic DX’s rear window. If you can’t find one at the recycler you may need to order it from a Honda Dealer around $15.00. When I tried to get mine a few years ago there were none in North America and they wanted to bring it in from Japan. In the end I found one at another recycler.

Yeah, the 3-letter thing kinda irks me sometimes. But try “rear wiper” or something like that. There were probably about 4 threads on it. Btw, you’ll love the new look…

aiight thanks guys for the info


that should be easier

or is it “ARCHIVETHIS”