rear wiper help!!!!

does anyone know where i can get that rubber grommet to cover the hole when u take out the rear wiper?! that part number from the the teg tips is usless. i tried calling the honda/acura dealer. they dont have sht. parts stores. SOMEONE HELP! i want that sht out =) hit me back up wid the quickness


90301-SR3-000 - CAP

76707-SR3-000 - SEAL.

Honda only…(not Acura)

bolt you can buy at home depot or somthin. just match it up after you buy the parts from Honda…

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dude that sh*t iz expensive!!! anyone got any other ideas? cheaper perhaps? cauz i would go get it from the dealer…but that would be my LAST resort.

just get a black flat plastic like the ones they sell at autozone in those little red packages, the round ones, and glue it on. that’s what I did and it looks good, won’t even notice it.

hmmm thatz pretty easy. ill try that…but water wont leak thru rite?

I got this thing off eBay for $12

Water won’t leak in, just glue it good, the plastic I bought looks like the one in the pic. $2

you could/should just get the rubber cap in your firewall. from driver side, look towards the speedo cable holder on the firewall, then down a bit, and towards the driver side… u’ll see it. it’s a rubber cap, one of the only larger ones there. get that, use an exacto knife, cut the inside a bit so the inside hole is larger to hold in, then it fits right in… here’s mine…

i just need to pull it back off, then cut a little bit more, so it doesnt go in a bit like that… and the car is just a lil dirty…

but yea, this is the cheap way :wink:

I just took that plug out of the fire wall and stuck it right in the hole. I tried to glue it, but it didn’t even stick. But it doesn’t matter because there have been a couple of really, really, heavy rain storms, and I haven’t seen any leakage. The only thing is, it whistles when I drive on the highway, but I have my rear cover off as well.

kool kool… but the thing is, to have it fit better, and seal better, you can cut out the inside where the glass holds onto it, so it’s deeper, then when u get it to fit right, maybe use some clear or black silicone to seal it up better.

the cheapest thing i have found it going to junk yards and say you are looking for something in a 92 or so civic. when you are "looking " in the engine bay, just grab a few of the firewall grommits and you are in good shape. “i guess i didnt find what i wanted” always works on the way out.

a friend of mine got one for his off of the '92 to '95 civic hatchbacks or the '96 and up. not sure which body style it was but all i know it was like an hx or vx something in the lower line. i would ask him but i haven’t talked to him in a while because i’m in college. one of those hatchbacks doesn’t come with a rear wiper and they also used a plug for it from the factory. he also said it fits perfectly in there no leaks no nothing. so go find one of those at a junk yard and it should be good.

i like the honda one, it’s metal no chance of someone messing with one unless it’s plastic or rubber which is easily broken

Also running the OEM honda metal one. It’s worth the extra money… or I think it is.

[QUOTE=FAMILYG2;568313]90301-SR3-000 - CAP

76707-SR3-000 - SEAL.

Honda only…(not Acura)

bolt you can buy at home depot or somthin. just match it up after you buy the parts from Honda…

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just so everyone knows. i ordered these parts from honda and they sent me an email telling me that 90301-SR3-000 - CAP is on back order.

any idea what i should do now??? im still getting all of the other parts.

EDIT: and if some one wants to flame because this is an old ass thread, then i can just start a new thread instead. This is the thread that i searched for to find the info i needed so i posted the update and the question in here.