rebuild help

ok, i have a stock 91 integra with 180000 miles on it, the head is knocking like crazy, the only main motor mod i have is intake and exaust and i just got some bosch copper plugs.

i have about $700 heading my way, i know that wont give me a total rebuild with everything on it, but i am just wondering where i should start. i’m not too familiar with the internals of the motor, but what would you all recomend to help out with the sound, a few extra horses, and i am also getting a turbo put on by a friend after i rebuild it, so i will have to have it built to hold a t3/4 any recomendations?

Ben, how bad is the “knocking” from the head? It could be something simple like the fuel injectors or may be in need of a valve adjustment. You need to decide if you’re going all motor or turbo before you start dumping money into the engine. If you’re serious about going turbo later on, but still want sufficient speed, you might want to consider dropping in a B16A and meanwhile prep your B18A for turbo slowly but surely. Or just rebuild the head if you think that’s really the problem.