Rebuild? Or Swap?

Hey everyone, I need your honest opinions here!

My car is starting to burn a bit of oil as of late… :frowning: I have NO leaks, it’s just getting old, and has quite a few Kms on it… 181,000… ( I’ve had my mech look at it throughly) My engine runs well as is… but just knowing that I’m burning a bit of oil is enough to drive me nuts!

Here’s my problem… Do I:

1.) Rebuild MY engine… by boring it out or installing those sleeves I’ve heard about… along with new pistons, etc…


2.) Track down a new ‘used’ engine all together, one with VTEC :slight_smile: (I drive an RS!)

What do you all think?!? Any help would be awesome :smiley:

you’d better list a price range. cause both swaps and rebuilds can be very expensive.

What parts are needed for a rebuild? is it just gaskets, rings, and seals?

I’m not sure yet, thats why I’m askin’ you guys… I kinda want to know what to save for, AND what should I have done? Rebuild or Swap?

I like they idea of rebuilding… but is that no super expensive?! I’ve heard a lot of horror stories where guys get their cars back in worse running cond then b4…

Any advice would be great:D

I was in the same situation as you are in right now and i opted to go for a swap. The reason why i went with a swap is because i didn’t want to deal with renewing an old and tired motor. I didn’t want to worry about replacing every little single thing. Another reason is time, it would take more time to rebuild an engine than to swap a newer one in. This is just my opinion, hope it helped.

Hey thanks for the help guys!

I think I’m leaning for the swap too, I talked to a couple other friends, and they said to go the swap route…

No I need to figure out what engine to throw in there!!!

Any ideas?!? jonsteR what engine did you end up putting in??

My plan is to ultimately have a built LS/VTEC motor with all of the usual goodies LSD, ITR valvetrain and intake, header, exhaust etc. There is no way I can afford to pay for all of the components needed to build the bottom end of my b18a all at once, nor would I want to have my car off of the road for such a long time. I’ve decided to swap in a b16a and then use the head when I have the bottom end of the b18a built and prepped for install. I’ve thought about this a while and I think it’s going to work out for me. Anyway that’s just my plan, and I think you’re off to a good start. Just do your research and the best plan for you will be apparent. Good luck.

If anyone is still reading this post… and has done an engine swap, post your “new” engines and let me know how it’s been working for you so far ex: Performance, reliability, etc…

Thanks guys AGAIN! :cool:

Originally posted by Lowered_Klass

Any ideas?!? jonsteR what engine did you end up putting in??

I ended up putting a b20z long block in my car using all the other stock parts (tranny, ecu… etc.)