rebuilt my motor need help

whats up all? ok so i had my motor rebuilt with p30 pistons and crower 403’s s/r/v. i was wanting to know what ecu to use to run it? any help would be great thanks:think:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^oh yeah its a b18b1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Is it still obd0?

You need to add more info about the set up other then what you posted

yeah its odb0


you have to tune you can use a pr4 chipped unless you convert to obd1 nobody really tunes obd0 anymore

^not true

but its really up to the tuner. there is still a few tuners that tune Turboedit and BRE but its not hard to do it yourself

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Wrong Thread…Sorry!

yea deffinately not true. i run obd0 and i love it. turboedit is a great program and very easy to use for the at home diy tuner.