Received new carpet swatches

It looks like there’s only one manufacturer of new molded carpet: ACC, and it’s sold via multiple websites. I received some swatches from

I was going to go with straight black but I ordered additional colors because there was a max of 10.

There’s “OEM” (cutpile) and “Essex”. The Essex is ultra plush and more dense. Every single one of the swatches pill like crazy; I rub my fingers into it and lots of fibers come out. I’m going to email them to find out what the deal is because I was not expecting this at all and definitely don’t want to drop $300 on something that’s going to be throwing out nylon dust into the car. Perhaps it just needs a lot of vacuuming before install. I’ll report with info as I get it.

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I haven’t received a response as of this post.

I vacuumed both black samples to get rid of the “excess”. Then, I pinched the center of both swatches and pulled, to try to get some fuzz out. I got nothing from the “oem-style” thinner carpet, but got several strands from the “essex” more plushier one.

Then I tried it again on both. Nothing from oem, many from essex.

More from essex.

Still more.

I can imagine a fluff ball every time you vacuum the car using the essex, so I’m thinking it is NOT worth the extra cost if you’re just going to end up vacuuming it up every cleanup.

the material is so thin. You can see right through it

Which one are you referring to?

Just the samples in the pic. Unless i am seeing the backing of the carpet

nah, you can’t see the backing of the carpet in the samples. I’ll try to get a pic of the sample next to the OEM carpet in a non-worn spot.