Recomendations for new Radiator and brakes and disks

Hey guys,

i’ve got a leak in my Rad so i’m going to replace it but i want or hope to go turbo next year so i was wondering what Radiator i should put in now?
should i go with stock or upgrade in preparation for the turbo next year?

also needing new brakes and disks, what do you guys recommend?
i don’t want squeaking any more LOL

thanks a lot guys!

lol I just ordered Brembos (pads/rotors) for my rears and will be put on this week, I’ll let you know how good they are. It was something like $160

yeah, please keep me posted on the brakes

as for the Radiator i think i’m going to go with a Mishimoto Rad but what size of fan should i get?

thanks again

brakes… u should go according to preference and use. brembos are popular, so are hawks or whatever that brand is. u can choose semi metalic pads, some with ceramic or whatever. check on what the sponsor or local race shops recommend or offer for ur application n use. if u really are gonna go turbo, u’ll want something that’ll be able to support more power n speed. i dunno about ebc… i’m not sure if they even make the green stuff for our cars, but were popular tho.

i’ve had and do like the aem brake pads, those felt much better than oem or any pads i could get like at pepboys or whatever. but unfortunately they were supposedly discontinued =(

try searching around tho for brake pads, and see what u like.

regarding the radiator and fans… go big if u really want to… i think mishimotos r kinda thick, and if they are, that means u get less clearance for a radiator fan and for a turbo manifold. if u got the money tho, get some slim fans… radiator wise… i’ve seen some turbo civics running their tiny half radiators with supposedly no issues… all depends i guess. just make sure that u do all ur cooling stuff at the same time. radiator, hoses, thermostat, cap, heater hoses, and clamps. if ur heater core is fine then just reuse it, but change the other stuff for good measure.

I just did my front brakes…

Monroe Ceramics for the front. Remanufactured calipers and remanufactured master cylinder… Seem to work just fine for me!

for brakes definitly brembo and id get a new radiator if ur preparing for turbo like one of those big steel looking after maket ones with the japanese name going slanted down

Thanks so much for all the posts!

and thanks for the heads up on replacing all the hoses and clamps

will do all that for sure!

was going to get the pads for the brakes yesterday and noticed that the brakes in the rear (i think passenger rear) is grabbing and not always letting go causing a loud squealing noise.

i checked with ebay and couldn’t find any rear calipers. what would you recommend and where to get aftermarket calipers?

thanks again guys

I have brembo drilled and slotted rotors with PBR semi metallic pads on the front and rear. It’s amazing what a difference good brakes make over the stock replacements.

got mine here:

yeah i bought that same deal off of eBay store its a very good deal and i suggest that as for the calipers i just got them at autozone they were fairly cheap and it all worked out for me

How much were the calipers? I am thinking about replacing mine, the rears first.