Recommendations for aftermarket wires

hey everyone, i’m lookin to get some new wires, you know the ones under the hood, **** i forgot the name off the top of my head, ignition wires? lol, brain fart…anyways…i dont wanna spend more than like $70…whats the best? and i want red and i want them to be custom fit so i dont have to cut them (most likely)…I’ve heard NGK are good, and others too, i know there is different thickness, and silicone, can someone clear this up for me? i have a 93 GS with stock b18a non-VTEC…let me know guys…thanks

oh, and one more thing, some plugs to go with them…my options i’ve heard of and considering, what are your thoughts:

  1. Bosch Platinum +4
  2. NGK’s

magnecor or msd

NGK’s are decent but they only come in blue. I’m going with regular 8mm Moroso wires. I can’t really justify paying more than $50 for a set of wires when they all function about the same.


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ngk-r plugs
stock wires :slight_smile:

i think wires are a waste of money who needs all that voltage handling ? but i dont know anything about them, or there benefits.

i have full jacobs ignition, mad cap and msd coil, still running stock del sol wires on my integra with ngk-r’s that are cold plugs for the nos. yeah buddy ls vtec

I have nuespeed but they are yellow. MSD’s are red

ok, so then i’m considering either magnecor wires or NGK’s…what are the prices on the 2 of them? and are they both the same in thickness?

also, what does a box of 4 bosch platinum +4’s cost??

Go with stock wires, Aftermarket ones crap out on your over time.


Josh, where did you find this point bro?
my freind has had MSD on his car for 5 to 6 years now and they’re still as good as new.

Max, I had it happen to a set of morroso wires, only lasted a YEAR!!! and were more expensive than stock, I went back to stock and haven’t regretted it since.

i have some stock wires i can sell you…think there sumitomo,<think the spelling is wrong. anyway there red,used for about 1-2 months.give them to you for 20 bucks.

Originally posted by InstantRamen
Magnecor are red and custom length, and reportedly the best wires around…

Nology are the best, IMO, but they pretty much are the best out there but the price is HEFTY! I use to have some but then some ASZZ stole them! BASTARDS! My car would shake at idle before, then I put those wires on, and WOW the car was SMOOTH at idle. Its like doing a tune-up on your car with just the wires!

But in your case, 60-70 bucks will buy you maybe 2 nology wires. Things are expensive!

But otherwise, mags are good for the price


alright so what is stock? NGK? i want a little thicker wire, perhaps MSD will do me well for a stock b18a? they come in red, correct?

Sumitomo makes stock wires, why do you need a thicker wire, you will NOT feel a difference on your motor.

i know, sumitomo is what i have now, i jsut want thicker wires, thats all…ALL RED too;)

so i think i’ll find a price for MSD wires and some Bosch Platinum +4 plugs and i’m set

Originally posted by Brian 93teg
[B]i know, sumitomo is what i have now, i jsut want thicker wires, thats all…ALL RED too;)

so i think i’ll find a price for MSD wires and some Bosch Platinum +4 plugs and i’m set [/B]

Alright, just trying to save you money on something you don’t even need :confused:

Bosch Platinum 4s can eat it. Those plugs perform horribly under the NGKs, are you sure that your “bad” NGKs didn’t just have a defect? Because I went from 5 month old Boschs to NGKs and WOW!

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