Redline MTF

Nobodys talked about it so I thought I’d take the time to tell u all about the transmission fluid Im currently using, along with the performance of my transmission. I have a 90 LS and replaced my transmisson for the first time w/another used one during the winter of '99. By June of 2001, my 3rd gear began to grind more regularly as the months wore on (problem initially started between March-April of last year)…I had been using OEM Transmisson fluid before but was curious about Redline since I heard much stuff about it being friendly to higher mileage transmissions, that it added protection especially to those who like to redline regularly…In July of last year at approx 165,000 miles I decided to use Redline for the first time so I purchased 3 qts for my MT. After a full service MT flush, 3 qts went into it. After several months, this is what I have to say; as far as keeping my 3rd gear from grinding it has had no noticeable effect, with regards to clutch stickiness the problem has virtually gone away. The transmission does shift smoother than before 1-2 3-4 4-5, transmission has lasted to this point for 10 mos and counting since gear 1st started grinding, & shift stickiness has been eliminated. This post will be updated from time to time as mileage accrues on my transmission, next update will be after 200,000 miles. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone who is considering using Redline MTF.