redone sparco seat

i finally repaired my sparco speed/torino (not sure which one it was anymore).

one of the thinner rods on the bottom near the back broke at the weld, so i rewelded it and all the other smaller ones at the bottom. this is the spot that was broken, but with my welding skills at noob i couldn’t make it look pretty, so i made sure penetration was good, and that the pieces were welded well, then i kept adding then took it down with a grinder to get it as nice looking as i can even tho its not gonna be looked at often.

then after i did that, i had the bottom padding mesh thing “strengthened” cuz i couldn’t find any place that had it or could make a replacement.

for the rest of the seat i went ahead and sent it out to an upholstery shop since i really couldnt find the time or the upholstery that i wanted locally for a decent price so i just paid up and had it done. originally was just gonna have it recovered so that the new fabric and padding would be placed over the old material but that was just gonna be half a$$ed so yea.

here’s pics of the seat tho.
this is just of the cover/material being spread out

to see the 1/4" padding with that section. some sections got 1/2" padding tho.

side and back was done in black tweed. its not suede but this wasn’t gonna be a show piece anyways since this is my daily and i get dirty from school/work. the center area is the medium strength gray fabric. its not as strong as the tweed but it definitely gives the seat some contrast from all the black tweed. i didn’t wanna go all out on the tweed cuz well that would’ve just been too much tweed for my liking. suede would’ve looked and felt nicer but it would’ve gotten damaged far quicker than this stuff.

i haven’t cut out the spots for where the harness straps feed thru yet bcuz i dunno if i wanna run harnesses thru this seat. also since i wanna hit the track more, the seat isn’t up to date since i have no clue when it was made, it has no sticker or stamp like newer ones do. so if anything i’d run this as a passenger seat, and if i do that it wouldn’t need a harness for it.

i gotta put the hog rings on monday tho since i don’t have my own hog ring plier tool thingy, luckily the shop will lemme use their and hook me up with the hog rings for free.

and all those marks for the holes were made with yellow chalk.

but with all this work n stuff i kinda feel like selling it cuz i don’t have any wedge brackets, and i’ve already spent quite a bit on it and its taking up space in my room. it looks nice tho :slight_smile:

it looks very good i think …good job

thanks man. :slight_smile:


Im not big fan of tweed, but it looks pretty good

same here. i wanted to go another route but well a ripped seat looks worst.