reinforcing a lil(not sure everything wil fit ,exactly)

im tryin to make my b18a as strong and reliable as i can n wana know if these r everything that will do the trick

(im not tryin to biuld the block or anything jus have it more reliable so i can race more often without worrying to bad about anything)

i have blown two b18a blocks out of the 4 ive had and i jus took my car to 7k once and a while,but one time i found a shim in my oilpan so someone shimmed a bearing… anyway

-99 civic si rod bearings
-b20 oilpump(not sure what b20 oilpump but ive heard thats the pump thats best)
-gsr girdle and main bearings (not sure what i gotta do)
-b16 water pump (what timing belt do i use)?

and if anyone has these parts i got lots of mods,swap parts and stock parts for da’s,crx’s and eg’s that i will trade

thankyou to the people who help me out

rod bearings - go with the correct size ls only
oil pump - itr is far better than a b20
mains/girdle - same story as the rod bearings…girdle i know nothing about
water pump - ls, no point whatsoever in using a b16

Will A Itr Make To Much Oil Pressure?
I Have Heard Of The Oil Leaving Faster Then It Returns To The Pan.

Im Jus Going With Acl Bearings, And Maybe Jus Swap A B16 In Cuz I Wana Motor I Can Depend One To Race And Drive Daily.

Everyone I No Witha B16 Beats Them All The Time And They Last Forever.

no, the itr pump won’t make too much pressure.

just stick with oem bearings dude, there is no need for acl’s.

you can say that about every honda motor imo, just keep it within the limits it’s built for.

im wondering what bearings acl or oem (jus lookin for reliability at 7k)

and pr3 bearings i heard were better then the ls’s

well yes, pr3 bearings are built to handle higher revs, but from what i understand they don’t work in ls rods because the tangs are different. 7k is not a problem with stock bearings, and oem is what you want. don’t worry about acl’s unless you’re doing some serious shit.