relly strage problem

ok so here is the deal i have a 90’teg rs with some wiring problems what happens is my clock and radio will be on and playin and some one opens the passanger side door and it shuts off untill you close the door then they come back on like nothin ever happen any ideas thanks

Sounds like a grounding issue, the dome light, HU, [radio] and clock all get their 12V+ constant from fuse 14 - 15A. [hot at all times] in under dash fuse box.

The door pin switches supply the dome light with the ground it needs to turn on, that seems to be working properly, leading me to think the problem is a dash harness grounding issue.

Try this, with the radio on, turn on the dome light using the dome light switch, does the same thing happen?

If so^^^ try this, using a jumper wire ground the chassis of the radio to the cars chassis, connect one end of the wire to the case of the radio and the other end to any ground point, the dash sub frame will work, then with the radio on open the pass. door, does radio still cut out.

If not^^^ you have a dash harness grounding problem, find the harness ground and reground it.

Is it a stock HU, [radio]?

Have you added anything electrical to the car, done any wiring or mods to the dash wiring?

How long have you had this problem, did it start after you did something?

Does it only happen when opening the pass. door, not with the drivers door? 94

no this is not a stock hu its a pioneer

its not just when i open the pass. door this also occurs when i open the rear hatch or when driving with my headlights on at the point i need to use my turn signal and also when i turn the dome light on all other elictronics seem to work fine indepedantly but the clock the best way i can say it is in my car time fly the hours are always running

i bought bout 2 weeks ago as a stolen recovery car(i wouldnt have if i know all this was wrong with it but it was at the auction for 800 and i needed a car)

OIC a stolen recovery, then it may not just be a grounding issue, although when one seemingly unrelated circuit has an effect, [when turned on or off] has some kind of affect on another circuit it is almost always a grounding issue.

But $800 for a 90 G2 is not bad if it’s in good shape.
What is the trim level?
Automatic or 5 speed?
Any rust?
How many miles?

If in good shape it is worth finding the problem and fixing it.

I would start by having a good look under the dash, remove the lower dash trim on drivers side and look for signs of “hot wiring”, [cut wires, repaired wiring, wiring that does not belong, disabled alarm and so no].

Once under the dash remove the drivers side kick panel trim locate and check the dash harness grounds.

I would also check the batt. to chassis and chassis to engine ground.
You will need to remove the batt. and batt. “box” the chassis ground is under it, remove clean and reconnect bot the chassis and the engine grounds.

If you can, take pix of wiring under the dash and/or anything that does not look right to you and post them. 94

“WOW” im having the same problem w/ my stereo and clock mine turns off whenever it wants too most of the time when its hot outside also sometimes when i turn my car on i look at the clock and its the wrong time like it happens when the car is off???.i actually put up a thread a couple days ago about this same problem i have since changed the 15a fuse for the stereo and havent had this re-occur also going to check my ground wire for my stereo and use a bigger gauge wire to connect to my battery and see if that works gd luck w/ yours!!

thankz for all the info guys il try those ideas out and see if they help or not see yall in a few day

its an rs 5sp with like 140k its not a bad car it runs graet but its just this wiring thing