Remote Start/Car Alarm

I have been doing some research on the net about the different alarms/ remote starters and I would like to get input to what other g2ic members have and are happy with. I have been leaning toward the Airwolf or a Mannix. Thanks R.G.

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i have Cliffords on both of my cars…the teg has the remote start, only cuz she is auto…i wouldn’t put it on my manual car.

it’s great for cold or hot days to leave the ac/heat running, and have a cooled down or warmed up car by the time you get to it :slight_smile:

I’ve used Clifford, AutoPage, and CompuStar. I like 'em all. The Compustar stuff is pretty awesome right now; I’d take a look at them maybe.

Just so you know, this is a very subjective topic; you’ll get many different answers, but know that most major brand alarms out there are pretty good.

I agree with jsilas… this is more of an opinion based question. There are soooo many factors to take into account. Below is a small list to consider.

Also I have a MTX Teg which originally had the DEI Hornet (forget model#) with an integrated auto start feature. Now I have the DEI Viper 791xv on both my Teg and my girlfriends Mazda 3 which is also MTX. It is illegal in all 50 states to have but well worth it and only a small fine with no points.

FYI I know where you can get the 791xv for under $200.00 if you’re looking for the absolute highest quality and in demand system. It retails for $600.00 but that was also last summer. Not sure of the price now. This is also the same exact system as the Clifford G5.

Consideration factors::
Turbo / non turbo car
location I.E. climate temps and conditions
daily driver, custom street, custom show
bang for buck, money’s no object, 'el cheapo route

and a lot more but we’ll start with these…


why is that alarm illegal? also where can you get it for under $200, i am looking at alarms and that is cheap, but i will still have to get a place to install it, but i am interested in where you got yours


Hey Josh, I’m sorry bro, I didn’t mean it is illegal for everyone, it is just illegal to install on MTX cars because of the auto start. Sorry if I was misleading. As for it being illegal, it’s because the clutch sensor has to be disabled for the auto start to work which means the car will now start in any gear. And it will also start without having to press the clutch in. There are a few auto start alarms out there that allow you to keep the sensor enabled and won’t start the car unless a certain procedure is made prior to turning it off however those alarms are still illegal because the laws havn’t been written for those style alarms as they’ve just come out and the laws say any remote start on any manual transmission car is illegal so it’s really a catch 22. I just say screw it because how often will a cop check something like that and I never leave my car in gear with or without the remote start. I don’t reccomend it to anyone who is use to leaving their car in gear as old habits are hard to break and it’s only time before your car drives itself away into a pole or worse finds itself parked on top of the local crossing guard.

As for where I got mine, I actually found the dealer on ebay supriseingly enough. And to boot it was cheaper for me to buy from them over the phone because they add extra costs to account for their ebay fees. On their site or by phone order there are no ebay fees obviously. My total price paid shipped to my house was $194.94 each and I bought two over the holidays for myself and my girl as an xmas present. At that price I had to buy myself one. :wink: The web address is I also just looked and they are still selling them.

As for installing, I have a buddy who owns a A/V custom shop one of his employees installed them for me. If you’re local to MD I can hook you up too but can’t discuss details over a public website. If you’re not local, my best suggestion is find someone who has a buddy who can hook you up or just walk into a mom and pop A/V installer and kinda talk your way into having them install it. Chances are they will either give you no receipt for the install or give you and install but not list the model # of what was installed on the receipt. The install instructions come with the Viper but I reccomend NOT trying to DIY unless you are VERY familliar with electronics because of all the wiring and sensors that need to be ran as well as placed in precise locations. Install even on the shady end shouldn’t cost you any more than $150 so total price with the alarm is still less than half the retail cost of the alarm uninstalled… LMK how it works out or if I can help you up bro! :wink:


thanks for all your info, i live in cali, so i will not be able to get help from a store where you live, but i have a friend who is the manager of Audio Express, and hopefully he would be able to hook me up wiht an install(i bought my amp wires, and he installed my subs for me), i have to call him, but i will definantly let you know if i decide to go through with everything, thank you for your help so far