removal of Vehicle Speed Sensor

so getting the VSS out is the last step before my tired B18 comes out and my fresh B20 can go in, ive removed the 10mm bolt holding the vss down but it doesnt want to come loose. the shop manual says that one bolt is the only fastener, but my shop manual is for 1993 year models. my car being a 1991, is there another means of honda securing the VSS in early models? maybe a clip or something?
im afraid to bang on it because of its odd shape and importance to me not breaking the law, i dont want to break it. is there some place i can fit a wedge or prybar under it? i cant get close anough to the mounting surface to see anything…
ive soaked it in PB B’laster over night as well.

im THIS close to getting my car back on the road and this has been my only hiccup so far, ugh

That’s all that holds it in place, usually it just takes some wiggling to get it out. Try twisting it.

If you absolutely can’t get it out, then you can just remove the speedo cable and power steering lines so that the sensor stays in the trans when you pull it out, then maybe you can remove it at that point.

i might as well finish removing the rest of the power steering stuff at this point.
got the day off tomorrow, going to get this done.