Remove heater 'screen' filter between pass. cowl and blower motor?

After having my car sit for a few months, I have a terrible smell coming from the heater vents. I did some searching and have diagnosed it as a mouse nest in my passenger cowl and blower motor.

I removed the main cowl and then the passenger cowl, and was able to shop-vac about half of it out. However, some is wedged under the “screen” that filters out debris from the blower motor, and there is some actually inside of the blower motor itself.

I could use the helms to remove the blower unit as a whole and clean out the rest of the motor that way, but its a complete PITA from what I have read. It would be much simpler and more effective if I could just remove this screen and use the shop vac to suck out whatever is left in the blower motor.

Does anyone know what ‘screen’ I am talking about that protects the entry of air to the blower motor, and know how to remove it? Searching has netted me nothing, but I may just not know the proper name for it.

Any help appreciated!

it’s really easy to remove it. you should just do that (remove everything)instead. especially if there was a rats nest in there… if i was in that situation, i would want to take the entire dash apart and go over everything with some bleach and pinesol.

Yeah Ive actually got it all apart now, the bolts and such weren’t so bad but I can’t get the damn thing to come out. Used the helms so Im not missing any steps or anything either. Although, I couldnt get the “a/c band” out and that could be whats holding it back.

I looked closer at this “screen” and it looks like I will need to drop the whole blower motor.

Any tips for getting it to drop out appreciated, in the meantime Im gonna go wrestle with it and that a/c band now.

Got the a/c band off and was able to get the heater unit down more, but it still won’t quite come out, I think the small black box on the left side of the squirrel cage it hitting something.

Anyway the problem is worse than I had thought, the squirrel cage has come junk in it, the blower motor itself is clogged full, and has fed some of this mouse confetti into the large black box to which it is connected on the left side. So the blower unit will definately have to come out, and possibly this large black box as well.

This job sucks and smells like shiet… :dozing:

aka the recirculation control motor box is hitting the heater unit and so its hard to lower the blower unit fully out of its place.

Any tips on dropping the blower unit? When I have it pushed to the right side to try and clear the recirc control box, the right side hits whatever panel is down there.

Also, it seems like a cable is running into this recirc box, but the helms didnt specify to remove it with push-button heat. wtf?

Until I can get the blower unit out as a whole, im also going to try just dropping the motor itself from the bottom via 3 screws. Getting cold/dark now though so postponed until tomorrow. Cant wait until this is over…

just take the dash off. 6 or so nuts/bolts and the clock. easy access.


[/QUOTE]i have a blower if you need one