Remove Power Steering?

For people who have done this, does it make it very hard to turn? My 92 civic hatch didn’t have PS and it was kinda tough to turn down low but not bad. It didn’t come with PS though so I wasn’t pushing the fluid through the rack also.

If anyone has done this, please tell me how hard was it and was it worth it. Thanks!

personally I think its way better. having my car slammed, and camber correction it just drove strange. It felt really sketch. I took off the power steering belt and it feels sooo much better!

I say give it a try. yes it is harder to steer (obviously), but IMO its nothing that is too hard. Its only at a stop and at slow speeds where you can actually tell that its more difficult. And its not that bad, i can even parallel park just fine.

my best suggestion is just try it. It takes about 5min to take the belt off. If you like it then good, if not, then put the belt back on.

Cool, as soon as temp gets above 2 i’ll venture out in the garage and try that out! Thank for the info!

Hell yeah take it off!

I took off all my PS system…
(look at the pic in my sig)

i took mine off also,i hated it with the PS on.It felt really loose.


i like it…

I like being able to turn with one hand…and the 1-2 hp youll get isnt worth it to me.

none of us do it for the hp. we did it cause the steering feels a million times better.

oh, and i can still steer with one hand. the steering really isn’t that stiff w/o ps.

Originally posted by 91IntegGS
[B]none of us do it for the hp. we did it cause the steering feels a million times better.

oh, and i can still steer with one hand. the steering really isn’t that stiff w/o ps. [/B]

Me too, I can one hand too. Itz not that hard…

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Max did you polish that valve cover yourself?

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i stand corrected

I thought you guys did it for the hp…my bad. I might have to try it and see how it feels. I cant imagine the steering getting any better than it is on our babies.

well, stock the steering is pretty good.

but when you lower your car a lot (2.5"-3") and then correct the camber you may notice that it feels weird. I have a feeling its from the caster being so far off—but it just didn’t feel good at all. So, thats why i took my power steering off—and i’ll never go back.

Originally posted by teg92
Max did you polish that valve cover yourself?

yup, all by hand. 18 hours and two blisters, and a VERY serious vow never, ever to do it again.

I took my PS belt off cause I do a lot of hill driving and the steering without PS feels a lot better. Plus you really can feel what the car is doing.

Mango Man, if have a write up on how to remove the PS and AC, please email it to me. I want to clear out my engine bay, and I don’t need all that stuff anyway.


The steering is only harder when you’re not moving. When moving the car feels easier to turn to me.

where exactly is the PS belt? I dont want to accidentally fuc|< up.

open your hood and look at the right hand side of the valve cover, look at the corner which is closest to where you are standing. There will be a belt, pulley, and unit (power steering pump) a little towards you and to the right of the corner of the valve cover i just talked about.

this is your power steering pump and belt.

oh, and a tip, buy a manual. Cause simiple info like this is much more easily attained by leafing through a manual instead of waiting for someone to reply.

if you have any trouble removing it, come on back and i’m sure someone can give ya a hand.

has anyone taken off ALL the PS lines?? cause i cant get to the ones all the way going to the firewall. jus not enough room. BTW taking out the PS and AC hosings make your enine bay alot cleaner looking.

its kind to take it off but itt has it + and -. the integra comes with a speed sensitive steering but you can feel the raod alot better with out it. the only draw back is you look really funny trying to turn the wheel to park.

Not my car but hopefully this will clear up any other confusion. The power steering unit is circled and the belt goes down around another pulley on the right side of the engine.