Remove/Replace 02 Sensor

I searched for tips on removing and replacing the 02 sensor, but there really weren’t any clear instructions I came across…

I have a '91 Teg and want to install a new 02 sensor. Can anyone either post or email reply ( instructions and tips on how to do this? What tools, engine hot/cold, etc?

It seems like a fairly simple thing to do, even though I’m not very mechanical. I’d rather not take it to a shop – I want to work on my own ride!

You want it cold cause you’re going to have your hands down in there. You’re going to want to take off the heat shield that covers the exhaust manifold (assuming you’re still stock in that area) so you can get to the sensor. You may also want to purchase a socket with a slit down the side for the wire to hang out of. Or cut the wire off and use a deep socket to go over the sensor. I’m not sure what size socket you’re going to need, wherever you bought the sensor from can tell you that.

Optional, yet sometimes necessary, a 2-3 foot breaker bar. This can be any pole, rod, or anything you can use to add leverage to the wrench you’re using to take the sensor off. It’s a very small area in there and I couldn’t break it loose without something to mke the wrench longer. :slight_smile:

After it’s out the rest is very straight forward.

Thanks - there’s really no downside to cutting the wire, right? I mean, the new 02 sensor comes with the wire attached, so…

the new sensor comes with new wires…also coat the thread with anti-seize…this will make your job easier the next time you have to change it…try not the tighten it too much (33 ft lbs)