Removing alarm

When I bought my teg the previous owner had a Clifford alarm that had no remotes and wasn’t working when I got it. And now I want to take it all out and get a new alarm put in that works, probably a 2way, but I am not sure which wires to take out. I found the relay and the connection to the brain and then followed the bundle of wires back towards the fuse box where they were joined with other wires so it is a big mess, any help would be appreciated.

yea man i have the same problem. i bought my db1 with an alarm that dont work and i want to remove it but i dont want to mess anything up, i have no clue how to mess with alarms.

Start at the alarm brain, one by one fallow the leads of each plug to where they are connected to the cars wiring and disconnect at that point, repair any damage to the cars wire at the connection point, [tape up exposed wire].

If you do this one wire at a time, it will be pretty hard to mess anything up. 94