Removing and installing Alternator without removing axle

Ok so first off i didnt have the tools to remove the axle so i did it my way and saved alot of time in doing so. So lets start.

Step 1 - remove driver side wheel and splash guards (they are in front of the crank assembely )

Step 2 - remove the negitive cable and then the positive (safety first kids)

Step 3 - remove the 3 10mm bolts that hold the wiring harness and the bracket that holds the p/s line

Step 4 - remove the 12mm adjuster bolt on top of the alternator and also remove the 10mm bolt that holds the battery cable and remove the plug on the back of the alternator .

Ok so now the top is done now lets get under the car (remember always use jack stands when working under the car)

Step 5 - remove the 14mm bolt on the bottom of the alternator (best way to reach it is threw the splash guard area)

Step 6 - remove the 3 14mm bolts that hold the split axle in place . you will need to rotate this downward to get the alternator out without having to remove the axle . The axle itselsf will move about 2 inches to the left now . You will need to move the axle to the left to drop the alternator down. Also remove the 3 10mm bolts that are on the p/s skid plate.

Step 7 - Ok now the fun part you will need to get the alternator out of its craddle. This will take a majority of your time but it will come out . Move the alternator back and forth while pushing up on it .

Step 8 - Now with the alternator out of the craddle rotate the alternator downward so that the pulley is facing the ground. I dont remember exactly how many times you must turn it to get it out but it will come out . You must also position the alternator towards the transmission beacause that is the only area wide enough for the alternator.

Step 9 - smile and laugh for you did not have to remove the axle.

All in all this took me about 2 hours to do and that was in the rain. But it was definently worth it .

nice writeup!

although you may fix the error stated in second to last sentence.

still a good write up!

Step 9 - smile and laugh for you did not have to remove the alternator.

Shouldn’t this say Axle? Or was it more of a joke like “you went through all that work and the alternator was good after all”?

you know you dont have to toally remove the axle anyway. just unbolt the 3 intermediate shaft bolts, turn that down and you can slide the axle over just enought to get the alternator out

AMEN TO THIS THREAD YOU SAVED ME HOURS OF FRUSTRATION!!! It went swimmingly I took it off tightened the pulley and took it to oreillys and got it tested al within 2-3hours it was amazing thanx man

Your welcome just trying to save people a lot of headaches and it got rid of a lot of miths on how to remove the alternator

Do you have to have it on jacks? because my car is on the ramps right now.

yea on jacks

did this a few days ago, saved alot of time. Thanks:rockon:


Are there slight differences between the RS/LS/GS model and the GS-R model, that would affect this procedure? Because for the life of me, I cannot get the alternator to squeeze in between the axle and some subframe brace. Even removed the oil filter in hopes that additional clearance would help (it did not).

Alternator is out. Definitely had to remove the axle. Oh well.