Removing cluster bezel

I have searched and couldnt find anything… How do i remove the Cluster bezel cause i tried today and couldnt get it to come out by where the a/c button is and all… Does any one have a write up or picture of how i do this…

theres suposed to be a hidden screw or two.
one i think you need to pull the radio out, or the light above the radio.
man, ive read so much and i still dont know for sure.

i ended up just cutting my bezel with a dremel to the left of the ac knob.
i was going to pull one from a junker anyway because it was broken in a few places to the right of the climate control buttons

there are two screws in the corner on the right, and two under the surronding plastic around the ac knobs. good luck

i found the ones on the right i think and i know there are two on either side of the steering wheel… But it still didnt budge where the a/c knobs are so are there any skrews there??

Ok you take out the screw on the far right, take off the a/c and heat knobs, take off the a/c control panel and there should be either 2 or 3 screws there

some one did a forumn on this a while ago with pics and everything but i cant find it so here you go this is all i found guage cluster removal

ok well i tried this morning and all that happened was the same but it came out further, the things is that the a/c knob came off and all but the climate control wont come out at all and the piece where the knob ataches wont even move away from the dash??? I looked and i didnt see any skrews and im just nervous of breaking it…

Don’t be afraid of using a small flathead to pry it out, but be careful

i did use a small flat head it but like imprints in the dash… And in one spot it ripped, also when i was pulling at it, it cracked in two spots… So like i have no idea

You must be missing something then, because it should just pop out. I always pull it from the bottom on either side of the steering wheel first and start popping it out slowly…did you get the two screws above the gauge cluster?

yea i got all of those skrews, for some reason the only place that its stuck is the a/c knob and the cold/heat control knob… Just that area… It wont budge at all… So im not sure… I looked and nothing… Nothing at all… And all i want to do it put amber bulbs in the cluster, climate control, and the clock…

can you take a pic of it?

and btw I put in orange LED bulbs once and they were so dim it was horrible, I went back to stock white and it’s much better, but that’s up to you.

sounds like you are going to make your dash look like hell just to have some pretty amber lights.
doesnt seem worth it to me.
dont force it.

also, dont think you can just put a light in your clock to make it amber, think you would need to get a JDM clock.

Eh changing out those bulbs is cake once you’ve had the climate controls apart a few times…it’s easy for me now. And the clock has some kind of purple film over it, I think someone actually used an orange sharpie once to change the color :shrug:

yea the bulbs for the climate control and the cluster are 194 and the clock is a sharpie trick… But i need to take out that bezel, and i tried once again and nothing… But damn is so getting to me that im going to break it… So does any one have some pics of where the skrews are???

ok well i was looking at a bezel that was on an other site and it looked like there was a skrew behind the a/c and climate control unit… The piece with the knobs, am i right??

As you can see I already told you to look there…

^^^ lol, sorry i must have forgotten so my bad, ok so im back to taking it apart… If i run into any more problems ill throw them up