Removing distributor rotor after cap

is the distributor rotor removed by a allen key set or what other tool? and how do i get the rotor screw to show up and not down, do i have to crank the motor with the cap off to make the screw point up to where i can un screw it?

Yes, turn the motor until the screw is accessable. You’ll need a #2 phillips.

its best to have someone there to look for when it is lined up right or you’ll have to keep going from the driver’s seat to the engine to check…and it sucks after like 5 times.

Or if for whatever reason your car happens to be on jackstands you can just turn the crank pulley. :up:

the screw doesnt look like its for phillips it look like its for a allen key or something or hex key

The oem screw IS a #2 phillips, thats for sure. If yours doesn’t look like that then:
-it might not be an oem screw
-the head might be chewed up and ruined, making it look like something else

But again…the stock screw IS a phillips.

Stock is an allen bolt!

oh ok:ok: :crazy:

Yeah I’m a little nuts.

thanks peep but is the screw a torx or hex key

Sorry, stock bolt should be phillips. If you have an Allen/hex then it’s probably a bosch rotor.

Just crank the engine a few times until you can see the bolt, or use a socket wrench and turn the crank manually.

yup, then its not a stock screw. Actually I just happend to pick up an oem one from honda today cause the dist I bought didn’t come w/ one…and its phillips.

Although allen doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The phillips ones strip pretty easy.

the box is a honda genuine part shrugs

Where’d you get it? And what exact car did you order it for? Cause when you buy a rotor from Honda it does not include the screw. You have to buy it separate. Within the past week I have bought a cap, rotor and rotor screw from the dealer… they are 3 separate parts you have to order.

Check out this pic:

#3 is the rotor, comes by itself
#10 is the screw, comes by itself
#2 is the cap, comes w/ the cap, screws and a new gasket