Removing Driver Seat Mounted Armrest.

So I got the armrest off, now I’m trying to get the part thats mounted to the seat out. Do I just need to wrench it out?

Yes you can just use a wrench. That is how I removed mine. You will see the grooves for the wrench. It is REALLY tight so don’t give up.

I thought I was gonna break the damn wrench!!! I will try harder!!

are you going to sell it? if so i want dibs

Yes I am. I just have to get the mounting hardware off. If I can that is :slight_smile: The only thing is it’s missing the cover for the mounting bolt, I’m gonna see if I can find it. And it needs to be repadded and recovered. I’m gonna see what I can do with it.

Tilegend. Make me an offer. I have pictures I can email you. If I don’t hear from you in the next couple days, opening it up to offers!!

send pics to tilegend at

email sent

did u get dat armrest nub blot out?:think:

Yep. I just used a wrench. It was a pain in the ass and hella tight but it came out with a twist!

wtf?? i did use a wrench, im just gonna hak it off

I wouldn’t. Get an extension on a ratchet and go to town on it. Unless you have extra parts so you won’t need to ones you will be cutting off.

is this armrest an integra only thing? or can i just find any honda one and bolt it up to my seat? does it go right into my lumbar hole? does any one have pics?

kinda old thread coming back to say hello:angel:

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