Removing paint from interior?

So I had a bottle of touch up paint break open onto my seat that pretty much perfect and is dried. Please tell me how I can get it out while leaving the seat condition awsome?

Thank you sorry I didn’t have time to search as I am rushing out the door to work

why not just look for a new seat? you can find them cheap everywhere.

This seat was pretty much perfect and I would have to get a seat shipped out here no G2’s

I would stop in at an upholstery cleaning store and ask them what your options are, you might have some better luck with some places that are more experienced.

But I would assume steam would get it out perhaps.

I am trying to get honda to cover it since I have never had this happen to a bottle of touch of paint especially a brand new one. I will try an upholstry shop. Thanks

i’d try using some lacquer thinner, or acetone… i dunno if that’ll damage the upholstery tho, but if it comes down to it, at least it would be free of paint.