removing rear motor mount...

ok this has been giving me a problem for the last 2 days and i cant figure out how to get it out
i have all the bolts for the mount off, and i can move the mount pretty freely, but i just cant get it out. the dam thing that its bolted to is getting in the way
how did you guys get this one out

Re: removing rear motor mount…

Originally posted by REDMAN1322
…how did you guys get this one out

Lots of Patience…

Lots of cursing !!! :rant:

I ended up having to undo the Front mount, the Tranny mount, and the bracket that goes from the engine to that mount in order to move the engine enough to slide it out (While supporting the engine with a jack from underneath)… It was NOT fun.

now i see
thats alot of work though
couldnt u have just removed the brcket instead of taking off all those other mounts
by the way how did u get that bracket off
i can only see one bolt
how many are holding that one in

oh also do u think it would be safe to drive with the rear mount off
only about 10 to 20 min

I can’t remember how many bolts there were. Theres one bolt attaching the bracket to the mount, but there are a few attaching it to the engine.

I had to remove the bracket in order to have enough room to remove the rear mount.

I had to undo the other two mounts so I could move the engine forward in order to have enough room to remove the bracket.

Talk about a simple project turning complicated huh!!! :tsk:

If you must drive with the mount off (and the other three mounts are in good shape). try do drive as smooth as possible without doing any hard accelleration to keep the engine from torquing too much and trying to tilt in it’s mounts.

dam why couldnt they have made this easier to do
thanks for the help

So you have broken the bolt loose and removed, but the actual bracket won’t let you remove the mount?

BTW I wouldn’t drive without a rear mount.

yes thats exactly my problem, im guesing thats what the main problem is with removing the rear mount

i worked on it today. you can lift it but it wont come out right. and of course you cant push it down.
i think you just need to take out the 2bolts from behind the bushing, remove that, then you can remove the whole bracket

so theres two on the left side of bracket, two on the bottom (need to get under car) and two holding the bushing

ok so ive since just left it since i couldnt get that last bolt on the back. i can get a 3/8" socket on it, but there just isnt enough room to get leverage. and ya i removed ALL mounts and still cant. i think i need to drop the crossmember or something…