removing rusted bolt help please

removing rusted bolt help please
anyone here have a secret of removing rusted bolt?? hate dealing with rusted bolts:mad:

In order to remove the caliper mounting bolt whats the best tool to use?
i tried wd40 and also some other stuff thats a little better then wd 40 and also i heated it up with a tourch and the bitch still don’t want to come off… I tried using the visegrip still no good… now the only think i can do is take it to the fuckin garage to replace my rotors fuckin sucks…:mad: :mad:

B.T.W do you have to remove the brake caliper small bolts in order to remove the caliper mounting bolts??

Please help thx…

welll best way to do it is with a settling torch. but u can do it with a normal torch but its hard u should heat it up really nice and then splash water right away on it and then put your wrench or whatever u using and try it htat way and if that doesnt work u got to go to the shop and have them take it off.

are you doing the breaks? i’m pretty sure my dad had the same problem last weekend when he was doing mine, he sprayed wd-40 on it and then used an impact wrench (i think thats what its called, the thing thats like the screw driver on the end and you hit it with a hammer) and it came right off… i hope that helped and didnt confused you

thats an impact driver. .

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thats an impact driver. .

thats the name of it :smiley: hehe… thanks


The torch is called an ACETYLENE torch not, a settling torch.

I tried this stuff called Gunk Remover (I think), it came in an aquamarine colored airosol can. Got it at Canadian Tire for not too bad a price, it was close to the WD-40 I think. It works pretty good.

If you try it, whatever you do don’t spray it on hot exhaust manifold bolts (if you ever use it for that) like I know someone else did (namely me) because it creates this instant cloud of deathly smelling badness.

I stripped my caliper mounting bracket bolt, so I had to take it to a shop to get the bolt taken off, then I finished the rest of the brakes (or breaks).

Soak it in WD40 overnight. It sounds like you don’t have air tools. If you don’t have the proper tools then have a shop break it off and tighten it back down to 3/4 of the torque spec. so you can drive it home. Then buy a new bolt.

settling torch!!!hahahahahahaha:think: :jerkoff:

thx for the help guys
would an impact wrench help remove the stubborn calipar mount bolt? and where can i rent one in ottawa?

i’d be my money on it. .