Removing the DB rear bumper.

Ok, so Im tryin to figure out how to take off the filler panel and rear bumper from a DB1. I tried once, and I have no clue how to get the filler panel out. Anyone with pix, or a write up on it? Ive searched and come up with NOTHING. I need to replace it, and I wanna do this tomorrow.

what do you mean by “filler panel”? you mean that piece underneath the taillights but above the bumper?
if so, then you have to remove your taillights,and rear trunk wall panel to access the nuts to remove it (should be 8mm if remember correctly). Should be about 8 bolts for that panel.
For the rear bumper it should be the same as it is for the hatch, 4 big screws two on the inside and two you can access from underneath the car. Look at the helms manual, it gives you better details.
If i’m wrong about something someone please correct me, since i haven’t done this in a long while.

Yep thats what I mean. Thanx man. Much appreciation for that bro. Hows the teg doin?

just wanna add that the bolts for the filler panel are 10mm not 8mm. :slight_smile:

Cool. Thank you for that man.

yup, 8mm are for the taillights and bolts for the panel are 10mm. i always forget.
good luck, let us know if you have any more problems with it.