Removing tint with a portable steamer

I’m breaking my thread posting virginity with this question…I’ve searched and found nothing really applicable, so I hope I can get some help on this one.

After searching the internet on removing tint, I found a reference to using a portable steamer to remove tint. Supposedly, its faster than soaking the window and could be a lot less hazardous to your rear window defroster lines. Anybody ever done this? Does it work? FYI, the tint is pretty old (nine years old, when my wife bought the car - 90 LS, still stock).


maybe my friends ghetto but all he did was peel it off and he cleaned all the glue with goobegone!! or whatever its called!! it took him no more than 20mins!!:smiley:

tint shop did it to mine… you still have to scrape the window tho… well as for me… i didnt care… we dont get frosty windows here in hawaii… infact… i took out my defroster switch to… it was broken

You can experiment with many things like I did. At first I used a lighter to heat up the tint film and pealed it off. This made it come off pretty easily. But this wasnt quick enough, I went to autozone and bought aircraft paint remover. WOW spray it on and let it settle for 15 to 20 min (make sure it doesnt get on your paint!!!) and with even a credit card the tint and glue will come off.


I just took off my 8 year old tint a couple of months ago. I used a heat gun to heat the tint so that it would come off all in one piece. This leaves the sticky residue all over the window. I sprayed the window with pure ammonia and let sit for a minute (or just use an ammonia soaked towel to wet the window for less mess). Then I used #0000 steel wool to scrub off the residue. You don’t have to apply hardly any force when scrubbing with the steel wool - the residue just comes right off.