Removing Tree Sap from Paint?

I noticed I have several large drops of super-sticky tree sap on my hood. Can anyone recommend a good cleaner that can remove the sap without damaging the paint underneath? Thanks.

When I worked at Ming Autobeauty, we used Methyl Hydrate to remove tree sap (Gas Line Anti-freeze).
Won’t hurt the paint. Just apply generously to a soft cloth and wipe back and forth over the affected areas very gently several times. Don’t apply pressure, as often there are bits of bark or whatever in the sap and if you apply pressure, it will scratch the paint.
Good luck!

Thanks wray. I also have Gunk’s Tar & Bug remover – will that do any good against tree sap? If not, I’ll follow your advice. Thanks again.

I’ve never used that gas antifreeze, but the clay bars should work good

not sure about the tar & bug remover… you could try some though… shouldn’t hurt anything, right? :slight_smile:
we always used solvent to remove tar, and degreaser for bugs (not harmful if used properly)… so I’ve never used the tar & bug remover…

and vtecteg you mentioned clay bars… i need some to remove overspray on my car… do you know a common place to get those from?