removing window moldings

whats the best way to remove the moldings that go around the side windows and front windshield??

someones gotta know how to remove the moldings!!!

I pulled the corner pieces out til it cleared the center strip. Then I could slide the side mouldings up and the clips come off. I think the center moulding is glued to the winbdshield as I could not move it.

91 in the paint shop for marine blue pearl spray (pt cruiser color).

anyone else???

I think no one’s responding because not many people do this. It’s kind of a weird thing to do. I saw an article over at Team Integra about removing the window moldings and the pics I saw didn’t look good. That’s just my opinion, but you might want to take a look over there.

The bottom of REAR side moldings just slide forward and they come off the clips much like the door mouldings.
The upper one you have to lift upwards, but becareful not to break the plastic tabs off. I still ended up breaking the one in the corner. I’ll have to glue it back when I remount it. The ones above the door I couldn’t get off.

i want to take them off because i have a lot of rust under them and i would like to take care of that before it gets worse…the driver side i was able to take off because i was just so rusted…but the passenger side still has some hope which is why i want to know how to take it off without ruining anything…same for around the windshield

If you got a wrecking yard, you can try it there. At least if you break something, you’ll know why. Once you get it off you can see how it was attached in the first place.

I’ve never removed those mouldings on this car and have not looked at my own car yet so I’m gonna shoot from the hip on this one. I’m assuming you are talking about the belt mouldings (around side windows) and most vehicles if you roll down the window so you can grip the moulding starting at one side or the other twist the moulding outward push down then pull up. That way if it has the clips then it will cause them to let go(look for small screws at each end too, some manufacturers like to play that game). Make sure the side mirror is off because it usually goes under that mirror and also make sure you do it slow and keep moving up the moulding as it lets go because there is metal in them and if it bends you’re screwed. The moulding around the windshield is called a reveal moulding and on lots of cars it is not removable unless you are taking out the windshield and in that case you need a reveal moulding tool. I have removed the moulding at the bottom of the windshield to remove the cowl and make a repair on a different acura model but its really hard and it looks like crap soooooo I wouldn’t do it.

I vote for what autoduel says to do. That has worked for me in the past, on windows, and other misc things that I wanted to take apart, but didn’t want to break on my own car.