repacing plastic on inner door???

im going 2 b fixing my slo power window this weekend do i have to put back the plastic water shield thing or can i leave it off???if i absolutely have to put it back on is thier some type of adhiesive i need???

That would be your moisture barrier and as is in most cases,it’s there for it’s engineered purpose. I never circumvent any designed intent of the OEM design. These cars are getting old enough without us bastardizing the anymore. Don’t know if Bishop is super arid or what but, if you drive thru any moist areas or have any rainfall to slosh thru then I’d redo the barrier to keep the mildew off the pressboard stiffener (search for “Farmers Lung”) and to keep any wind driven dust from the passenger cabin. I’ve redone mine using a plastic garbage bag applied with either double back duct tape or using latex caulk along the same lines as the factory.

i 2nd on the latex caulking stuff.

thanks ill try the trash bag thing hefty ftw son!!!