Replaced Valve Seals, but still smoking at startup?


I recently replaced all my valve seals because my car would burn oil after letting it sit after a while (no smoke after it’s warmed up though). I got it done at a reputable shop, and he also changed the valve cover gasket, cam seals, and did a valve adjustment. I noticed that it still smokes after letting it sit, but this is just the day after I got it done. Does it take a while for the valve seals to do their job or should I go back?


go back. u got a warranty for the repair, the shop supposedly fixed it, and if they say its something else, they still need to fix it for free, cuz they might have misdiagnosed it. i’d think it would be the valve seals too tho. dunno what else it can be.

Thanks for the insight. I went back and he’s saying it could be the valve guides? Does that sound right? He now tells me he also did a leakdown test and that it could be the rings. If it were the rings wouldn’t it be smoking all the time?

oh my bad i said valve seals like u did on my first post. i meant valve guides. yes the valve guides are usually the culprit for when u r burning oil after its been sitting a while. valve seats would be the problem if u r getting like low compression or backfire thru the intake or whatever. other things too associated with it, but yeah. if you went to the shop n asked him to fix the problem, and he’s the one that said its the seals… then thats his bad, he misdiagnosed. but if u told him to redo/fix ur valve seals only then thats a diff issue. take it back to him and say u still go the same issue. its his bad and u shouldn’t have to pay for it if he misdiagnosed. u think he would’ve redone the valve guides considering he did the seals. go back and be nice, if the shop doesn’t wanna fix it complain, then if u necessary u could take em to court for not repairing the motor. u should have a written estimate, and then another copy of the repair work. it should be pretty detailed on the estimate saying what’s gonna be done, and about how much it should cost. then the other sheet should be like everything that was done, and it should have the warranty issues on the back. it might all be on one sheet, depends.