replacing antenna, odd problem

OK, i am replacing the antenna mast because the white plastic guide is broken. i got the old one out, including the broken piece inside. i installed the new one, but it does not go all the way down. sometimes it clicks once or twice going up or down, but doesn’t constantly click like it’s trying to work.

when i shut the radio off and the antenna goes down, it stays up about 3-4 inches or so. other than that, it seems to work fine. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling it several times with the same result. and i am sure i got the old piece out- it was just a piece about 6 inches long and nothing else was in there.

i checked the service manual, but didn’t find anything i was doing wrong. anyone have a special “trick” for getting the mast to completely retract?

if your sure you got all of the old one out. try and pull it out and feed it in again. see if that does the trick.

yeah, i tried removing and reinstalling it a couple times. no change. i took the motor out of the car and removed the cover. it was just the one broken piece. i’ve tried pushing it down in the motor, but after i turn it on and then off, it ends up in the same spot. not sure what’s going on.

Have someone turn off the radio, as the ant. gets close to all the way down, [about 3-4 inches] push on the top of the ant. with enough force so it goes down all the way.

To know if you got all the pieces of the guide out look at the tip of the 6" piece you pulled out, the broken end will be square the tip will have about a 1/2" taper on the tooth side of guide:whisper: 94

i actually took the motor out and took the cover off- it was the only piece in there, but i don’t remember it having a square end… i will have to dig it out of the trash to be sure because it’s all put back together now.