Replacing Speedometer Cable

Hi i have a 1992 Aztec Green Pearl Integra GSR and like alot of DA’s the speedo cable has lost its lubrication and from the years of driving squeaks like crazy and sounds like birds are chirping. I ordered a new speedo cable and am planning on replacing it but i was wondering if anyone knew about a write up with pictures on exactly how to do this. I found some write ups and advice on teg tip, but no pictures. Also what do you think would be the best lubricant for the cable to prevent futher squeeking in the cold.

In all honesty you didn’t need to buy a new cable. All you have/had to do was disconnect the cable from the VSS, pull it out, lube it up with lithium grease, slide it back in and reconnect the cable to the VSS. I did that over a year ago and haven’t heard a squeak since.

plenty of forum post on how. pics on this site sometimes are outdated but they have some in the forum IIRC. it plugs in the tranny on the top. there is a little clip under the gourmet. pull up the rubber, take the clip from the side and pull the cable up. feed some inside the firewall . when you look up taking out the gauge cluster, you will read this makes it easier. use the book on how to take out the gauge cluster. more tips are on the forum but the helms shows you the screws for the plastic. get the cluster out because thats what it plugs to.
my first time getting the cluster out was a beast. now 3 integras later, not an issue at all. have fun. i love these old cars. wish i had a gsr but building a frankinteg is fun too

x2 on enough how-to on the forum, you have to search for it…i found i’m sure you can to. only thing i will tell you, for the work you have to do and the chance the squeak will come back and how cheap the cable is, just buy a new one. then you wont have to worry about doing all of that again

In my case the squeaking was because the lock collar on the end of the Speedo cable to attach it to the back of the instrument cluster was not there & eventually cause the cable to fray and break off…

anyways you really do not even need pictures to replace it… was the first repair I did on my Teg & took all of 15 minutes to do with a smoke break included LOL.

just remove the dash bezel which is like 3-4 screws and the AC/Heater knobs… Pull the Cluster (another 4 screws) Disconnect the speedo cable from the cluster, Follow it through the firewall to the VSS and pull it out.

once done reverse that order & put it all back together.

if you have small hands, makes the removal and installation at 15 minutes…say about 30 minutes w/ ginormous hands like mine LOL

I got pretty big hands and did it that fast haha

say I have big hands and I ended up removing the entire Bezel then the cluster.
easy as cake.

my big hands took me a while the 1st time. easy now.

Here’s one thread from the teg tips:

I just lubed mine the other day. Taking out the bezel is the most time consuming part. I was scared to break the damn thing. After you get it out tho…easy easy.

Even after the lube tho…I can still hear sound coming from back there. really annoying.