replacing stock bolts with ingalls camber ones??

i got the ingalls camber kit for my fronts and how the world do i get the stock bolts that hold the control arm in the back off of that metal piece to install my new ingalls bolts. Ive got one day to do it before i go back to school. Can someone help me please. Thanks

Unbolt the 2 bolts above the shock tower to detach the A arm from the frame of the car. Of course the A arm will still be attached to the control arm at the upper ball joint. Once done, yank the A arm down and twist it away from the car,now u should be able to have more room to get the 2 bolts that attach the camber kit. Just use a socket and a same sized wrench to hold the other side for leverage to get the bolt and screw out. That should be that. HTH