request: pic of front end with no bumper

Hi, I am currently in the middle of trying to put on my 92-93 front bumper on my 92 integ and I’m running into a problem where I am missing some key brackets. In 2001, when the bodykit was installed the shop that did it removed some parts because they werent needed. I do have the sliders if that helps and the support beam with foam. really having trouble on the sides around the fenders…Pics pics pics please… thanks in advance. T

here is pic of my 92 gs. only thing is, is that i got a 91 bumper so the only diffrence is the brackets that bolt to the front(silver things). the second one is off the bumper support on.

I have the front end off my 91 currently. Let me know if you’d like some good pics.

Thanks everyone who replied to my thread, I ordered items 45, 46, and 8 in the pic below but am unsure where these go as I don’t see them on the pics shown of any of your cars. what holds the side up and close to the body other than the sliders?

I am just trying to get as seemless as possible before paint. this is why the gap and support for the edges are of concern, thanks in advance.

not mine but you see how his seem is by his fender? that’s what I am trying to do. just having a hard time, even adjusting the front support.

so I have the parts listed above. now with the clips that go into the fender I put those in and does the front bumper rest under that or above and and where does the metal clip go? and do I need that if I don’t have a seal( rubber piece surrounding the headlight)?

take pics. tough to see what you’re talking about.

I can’t take pics now, the bumper is on. the plastic peices I was refering to rest above the bumper. I made some calls and found that out and the metal clip I don’t need unless I use the headlight seal so it’s coming together slowly. I got the Techno R lip kit that I’m installing so this has been a slow process, but none the less will turn heads when I’m finished. thanks for all the help.