Rerouting A/C Lines to Intake

This is probably deadly…but what if you were to reroute your A/C lines, or at the least the cold air that comes from it, into the intake, therefore resulting in colder air and more power…

Would this idea work? Has it been done before? Need opinions.

I think if it was even possible, it would just cancel itself out.

That is, it would be the same as if you didn’t run the A/C at all. (Since you draw power to cool the air in the first place).

um…seriously…freon + combustion = :uhoh:

the new ford lightnings use an air conditioner to cool the air going into the supercharger.

its probably not goin into the supercharger like intake air is going in. its prabably going into the supercharger for cooling purposes (separate chambers) but not for intake air purposes.

ya know what i mean?

yeah i get ya, but im gonna research

what about propane, i know they put these on cars.

nos enhances the air in the a/f ratio and the propane enhances the fuel in the a/f ratio.

i have seen it somewhere but cant remember

The Lightning set-up DOES go into the intake manifold as far as I know.

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um…seriously…freon + combustion = :uhoh:

I really don’t think he meant to route the actual refrigerant into the combustion chamber. :roll:

Thats correct…you would have to refill the refrigerant every day! Plus you would be depleting the Ozone layer. :smiley:

The lightning uses an intercooler I think. If it does they probably rant he A/C lines through the intercooler. That would make more sense then running it to the intake. The intercooler would be close to the A/C condensor so you wouldn’t need much extra A/C lines and it would provide a damn cold air charge for the supercharger. It isn’t the first time this has been done. Just a thought, I may be wrong.

EDIT: I just checked with the SVT website. The Lightning uses a small storage tank that the A/C system chills to about 30 degrees. On demand the tanks contents are dumped into the intercooler reducing temp there by up to 20%. This in effect delivers up to 50 extra hp for about 35-45 seconds. Not a long time but in a race that would be like punching a 50 shot of NOS. Pretty ingenious.

Then I guess im a genious or what?

sup bryan. running the car with ac on, would it cause power loss in the first place because its using power to run the ac?

Insted of running or a/c into your intake, why not just get that Cry02 setup i saw in summit. It costs like $400for the system, then $150 for the intake cooler, and another $130 for the fuel cooler. They say it can lower your intake temp by 60%. Somebody should look into it. I think it costs a little too much.

It wouldn’t be a good idea, because if you think about it, go WOT down the street with the a/c on and off. The car bogs significantly and loses so much power when the a/c is on. It wouldn’t do the car any good cuz its straining from the a/c pump.

The ford can do it because it has a bigger engine and it doesn’t matter.

But a cool thing would b, like some saab’s have is the a/c going into the glovebox so you can keep food and drinks cold! Warm soda is just gross!

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[B]what about propane, i know they put these on cars.

nos enhances the air in the a/f ratio and the propane enhances the fuel in the a/f ratio.

i have seen it somewhere but cant remember [/B]

you cant control the a/f ratio… How are you suppose to control the air? the only thing you are able to tune is fuel and ignition.

i dont think you wanna put propane near combustion at all. youll blow your motor up…

ive never noticed the a/c to cause a significant hp loss, just a slight tug when i flip it on and off. i have however felt a noticeable gain between 65F and 85F+ weather…

why dont u just put a block of dry ice in ur engine bay lol…i bet the extreme hot + cold will crack/warp the metal in there. Either that or ur car will never warm up. I think pro drag racers have ICE boxes literally filled with ice just for one run and maybe to take up strategic weight due to restrictions - fuel lines, intake, oil ines, intercooler all that shiz runs through it to cool it down fast. The drag race only lasts 10 seconds so it wont have time to completely melt before it does its job.

THe Cryo2 thing on summit sounds like a pretty good idea, but that’s pretty hardcore for the price and it also needs to be refilled. Essentially it’s like shooting liquid CO2 and dry ice onto ur intake tube, fuel line or intercooler. It probably works, but ur gonna have to refil that bottle often just like a C02 powered paintball gun.

As for the A/C thing i think that’s silly, but it probably has been considered. I had no idea ford uses this technology. Ever hear of water injection? COoling the engine internally and directly in order to make it more dense probably works best. Anti detonation is always good. The car wont have to retard timing as much which reduces the power to save the engine from detonation the standard way.

If youre really into this idea than u should look into that cryo2 stuff from summit. I think it would work to some degree but i wouldnt pay over $150 for something as simple as that.

Well im not crazy enough to pursue my idea. I was just doing brainstorming and sharing my ideas with other people. Thanx for the info anyways though. Maybe someday when I am working on cars and trying to make them fast I will think about this post. :stuck_out_tongue: