Resorting Bumper Lights

Here is a step by step how to restore your cloudy bumper lights

Tools you need
1500 & 2000 sand paper
Spray Bottle (water and dish soap)
Rubbing Compund (3M is what I use)
MultiSpeed Polisher (what I use to polish the light not nessiary)
UV Protector and Sealer (Turtle Wax headlight UV Sealer is what I used)
Step 1: Clean off any dirt and grime
Step 2: Spray water on light and 1500 grit sand paper.
Step 3: Begin sanding back and forth on the light. Keep paper and light wet during sanding.

Here is a pic of what it’s should look like after sanding with 1500!
Step 4: Repeat step 3 but with 2000 grit sand paper

Step 5: Using Rubbing Compound polish out the hazy light until clear and seal it with a UV blocker

Finished product next to unfinished

This will work for other light such as headlight and possibly taillights