Resting 91 DA...

My car has been sitting for nearly 2 weeks now as I am doing my own body work, sanding, body filling, etc. at home. Is there like a rule of thumb on how often to turn your car on when its temporarily being stored? I was thinking once a week for about 5 minutes. I’m a bit concerned the car won’t start if it sits for too long. Anyone?, TIA!

my car has been sitting for about 2months now and i am sure to start it every two weeks and let it sit running for about 10mins. that’s just me

sounds good, anyone else?

2 weeks sounds good to me too.
just be carefull with all the dust and particulate in the air after sanding and body. Clean up well before you start er up.

I would usually let it run til normal temperture/normal idle if not within weeks or month. But if it was to be months then first attempt would be to run it til fan comes on then every 2 weeks start it up again til normal idling, but thats me.

Note if u are going to store ur car longer then 6 months its best to flush the oil with motor flush then throw in new oil so it wont build up sticky gunks or at least

My car sat for over a year after it was stolen and stripped, and yes I agree if it sits longer than 6 months. I would recommend draining the oil out of it and replacing it as well as (if you can) push it back and forth so the tires dont have flat spots on them.

I’ve been doing some body work on my car. Once a week I’ll warm it up and take it around the block. I hate it when the car sits and the brake squeaks
or sounds like it’s grinding.

I think ill take it for a spin today, but the car just looks ugly since its primered.

2 weeks isnt entirely long,

but the rule of thumb for something stored for a few months is to put a tad bit of oil into the cylinders, crank by hand to check if it’s seized and replace all fluids including gas.

wouldn’t hurt to try it on something sitting for a week.

tried to start the car yesterday didnt turn on, was cranking but didnt turn on, I had to jump it and everything was fine, and the car only sat about 2 weeks, maybe things just happen that way lol.