Rev Auto Meet pictures

Went out to show support for Mike and Rev-Auto, thanks for having us out there and providing the food and giveaways… and thanks to Asa for cooking all the cheap hot dogs we could eat. Had a great time.

These were posted in my website update thread but I’m going to repost them here so people can check them out. Click on the pictures to be taken to the gallery.

nice pics :rockon:

Usually I dont really care for scions but that white one is pimp.

yo…thats some great pic.

nice job with the pics!!

sick pics…and damn you cali guys with the sick jdm cars

man i wish i lived out there with u guys lol

i miss meets :sad:

I thought you were going Matt? There was like 50% DAs there you should’ve rolled.

i got sick and had to go in the hospital sunday :frowning:

Oh shit is that big C from street fury!?

oh hellll yea that is!!! :giggle: