rev limiter 3500 rpm?

well i ran out of gas, though a wire cam off at first , well i wire did come off and i put it back on.
now my car won’t rev over 3500rpm
any ideas??

stupid obd1 swap

What Wire?

What wire was it that fell off?

Re: What Wire?

Originally posted by N_Tegra
What wire was it that fell off?

grn/yel from ecu thats mapped out to white on harness

my friends teg was throwing a code 4… crank angle sensor
and he couldnt rev above 3000…

Don’t get flustered yet, I assum you are taking about the yellow/green wires on a21 and a22 of your OBD1 ecu that go to the white wires of the car’s harness. These are the igniter wires and are extremly important for your engine to run good. So I say you have found your problem quicky. Maybe just a resolder job?

well i fixed that problem the TDC wire fell off

now i’m getting code 41 makes sence i have no os sensor yet

but code 4 is not in the teg tips hadeone’s post says about the crank angle sensor.

NM the code 4 i think i can fix that it must have been the crank sensor that was un hooked.

all better now tomorrow i’ll put the new exaust on with the 4 pin o2 sensor and i should be done!