rev limiter

When I Hold The Gas Down, The Engine Idles Down, Then Comes Back Up, Just Like The Rev Limiter, But It Isn’t Barely That High. It Is A B18a1,90 Integra In A 91 Civic 4dr That Had A Zc 1.6 Sohc. Please Help.

try cleaning your iacv valve and see if thats help its prod nasty and needs cleaning. u can also try testing the ohms the iacv and tps is putting out to see maybe if its bad.

it won’t rev past like 3800 rpms, it is overheating, the fan won’t come on, and the clutch works, but when i press the pedal all the way in, the car acts like im releasing the clutch, so i press it in just about all the way in and it works??? … kind of??? – what the hell?

oh yeah, the ecu is also throwing code 4,:4 short blinks:wich says that its the crankshaft pos. sensor??? in so frustrated and confused!, i have been at this swap for forever!!! every thing keeps going wrong.? so it seems.

please help, thanks a bunch.

make shure your timming is right just a few teath off makes a big diff