Reverse lights

my Da9 reverse lights isnt work in both tail light but it new bulbs also fuse is fine… what suppose i do?..

is ur car turned on?
maybe it got disconnected from the tranny/engine harness

Is your “Da9” an automatic or a standard?

If it is a automatic you will need to check your “A/T Gear Position Switch” next to shifter, if it is a standard you will need to check the “Back-Up Lights Switch” on transmission. 94


where is disconnected from the tranny/engine harness location? or u can show me pic pls… i just need fix it

it is 5 speed not automatic

I am pretty sure the switch is located on the front side of transaxle on a G2, easy to see from under the car. 94


can u show me pic i dont know which the harness line to connect or check it out…

Sorry, no pix, there are 2 lead to the switch, yellow, [12V+] and green/black, [to back-up lights].
You can’t miss it if you look from under the car on front, [of car] lower side of transaxle, it is the only switch in that location. 94

ok let me check it out in few week